The Raspberry Pi 5 case is made of ABS construction with cut-outs for the dual HDMI, Audio/Video, USB, Ethernet ports, as well as the USB-C power connector and access to the microSD card. The status LED can be easily visible through the rubber reflector. An optional clip-on lid can be removed to provide access to your Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins or connect a HAT. The case is a refinement of the Raspberry Pi 4 case, with improved thermal features to support the higher peak power consumption of Raspberry Pi 5. It integrates a variable-speed fan which is controlled by a dedicated connector on the Raspberry Pi 5 PCB. The case is available in Pi’s signature red-white and black-grey combination.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Cooling: Inbuilt fan
  • Color: Red/White or Black/Grey

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