The Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME case for Raspberry Pi 5 gives you all of the awesome features of an Argon ONE V3 case with the added ability to add your own M.2 NVME storage (drive not included)!

The lower NVME section of this case connects to your Raspberry Pi 5 via the PCI-E connector and enables the use of M.2 NVME storage for media, games and more. Boot your Raspberry Pi 5 from fast NVME storage or use it in conjunction with a Micro-SD card OS for storage only. There’s even an included aluminium heatsink for your M.2 stick!

M.2 support aside, you get the full Argon ONE suite of upgraded features, a new all-black finish and the classic Argon ONE style you know and love.

Cable management and temperature are more than covered, with both passive and active (PWM 30mm blower fan) cooling keeping your Pi 5 board cool, and all ports re-routed to the back of the case – including two full-size HDMI ports and a power button. There’s also a magnetic cover which allows access to colour-coded GPIO pins for your projects.

The case includes a built-in IR receiver which can be used with an Argon IR remote (available separately) to make the most of popular operating systems such as Raspberry Pi OS or LibreELEC (Kodi).

An optional DAC accessory is also available, offering full high definition 24-bit 192kHz audio from your Raspberry Pi 5!

Note: You will need to use an official 27W Raspberry Pi power supply with this case to ensure sufficient power for the Pi, case and NVMe drive.

NVME Compatibility

Some customers have reported compatibility issues with certain brands/models of NVME drives. Whilst no ‘official’ compatibility list is maintained by Argon40 (yet), we have made them aware and discussions on their own forum are highlighting the need for clarification.

For now, we suggest following the same compatibility list on the Pimoroni NVME Base page as a starting point until something official is shared from Argon40. Please also read our troubleshooting guide.


  • Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME Case for Raspberry Pi 5 with M.2 NVME support
  • Boot your Raspberry Pi 5 from an NVME M.2 drive (drive not included)
  • Built-in heatsink for your M.2 NVME drive
  • Enjoy faster storage access by connecting M.2 NVME drives via the PCIe slot on the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Versatile M.2 NVME support compatible with any M.2 NVME with M-Key up to 2280 size
  • Greater thermal management on M.2 NVME with included aluminium heatsink for the M.2 drive
  • Reliable and consistent data transfer with included FPC impedance-controlled cable
  • Better active cooling with a blower-type PWM programmable 30mm fan, repositioned within the case to be quieter
  • Improved passive cooling with the addition of a heatsink on the power management chip of the Raspberry Pi 5 aside from its CPU, which both get hot during heavy use
  • Better communication and power management with the Raspberry Pi 5 via a Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip, which controls the features and functions of the Argon ONE V3 such as fan speed, power management state (e.g. boot manually or automatically after a power outage by simply setting the jumper pins inside the case) allowing you to use the Argon ONE however you see fit.
  • Power button located at the back can perform the following (with the installation of an open sourced script) safe shutdown, reboot and forced shutdown
  • Excellent cable management with two full-sized HDMI ports neatly placed at the back allows the Raspberry Pi 5 to use two monitors simultaneously
  • Flush magnetic cover to the access port of the custom colour-coded GPIO pins
  • Built-in IR receiver allows the Argon ONE V3 to be easily usable with the Argon IR remote (not included) making the case an even better media player
  • Enjoy using your audio accessories with the optional 3.5mm audio jack via the internal DAC audio board upgrade (not included, coming soon)

Package Contents:

  • 1x Argon ONE V3 Case
  • 1x Argon ONE M.2 NVME Carrier board
  • Video/Audio PCB extender
  • GPIO – Fan power board
  • Silicon thermal pads
  • Instruction manual

Raspberry Pi not included


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