Car chassis has the following advantages:

  • Mechanical structure is simple and very easy to install.
  • Car comes with 20 wire tachometer yards, with photoelectric gun shop can be quickly formed a gun systems. You can speed, distance, composed of closed-loop systems.
  • Car with four on the 5th battery compartment, convenient to the entire system power supply. At the same time equipped with a switch, easy start-stop system. Without additional very convenient, so that the whole system is highly integrated
  • Car shop with L298N driver module, four tracking module, as well as 51 control unit seamless, simple and good-looking components of the system!

2WD kit includes:

  • Car chassis 1
  • Car Wheels 2
  • DC Gear Motor 1 48: a deceleration DC motor (otherwise 120: 1 Optional)
  • 20 line gun code disk 2
  • Fasteners (high intensity black acrylic) 4
  • Caster 1
  • Four battery box 1
  • Quality Rocker Switch 1
  • Assembly drawing 1
  • Several screw nut
  • V5 shield 1
  • UNO R3 1
  • SG90 1
  • FPV 1
  • L298N 1


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