This is a programmer extension shield that allows your Arduino board to modify fuse positions, burn boot programs to external chips, and other Arduino boards.
The onboard buzzer and LED indicator light indicate whether the burning was successful, making it convenient for Arduino board designers to batch burn. According to the OPEN-SMART user manual, it is very easy to use.


Compatibility: Due to its use of the SPI pin of the ICSP interface, it is compatible with Arduino UNO R3/Arduino Mega2560. When it is directly inserted into two boards, it can be changed to boot loader burner.
Working voltage: 5V
Working current: 500mA (maximum)
Arduino board burning: supports Arduino UNO R3/Mega2560/Nano/pro mini (5V 16M)
On board buzzer, if the fuse position is successfully modified, it will emit a sound once, and then if the bootloader is burned normally, it will emit a sound again. If it weren’t for two beeps, the burn failed. You can capture sound instead of LED lights, so this will improve the efficiency of combustion.
On board LED indicator light, HEART BEAT LED will light up like a breathing light when powered on normally. During programming, the PROG indicator light flashes until it is completed. If programming is unsuccessful, the ERROR indicator light (red) will light up.
On board 28P locking seat for Atmega328P, Atmega168P, Atmega8 boot program burning
On board ISP_ 6PIN interface for external Arduino board bootloader burning
On board ISP_ 10PIN interface
On board FT232RL and CH340G USB to TTL programmer interface, used to upload code to the chip on the 28P lock socket.


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