PAM8403 Module Audio Speaker Sound Amplifier Board Class D Dual Channel Power Amplifier Board 2*3W DC2.5-5.5V Power Supply


  • Compact and Powerful: This super mini digital amplifier board packs a punch with 2x3W D-class PAM8403 amplifiers, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a compact yet powerful audio solution.
  • Versatile Compatibility: With its LRG three-line input, this digital amplifier board is compatible with a range of devices, including LCD TVs, monitors, laptops, portable speakers, portable CD players, game consoles, smartphones, and hands-free telephones, making it a versatile addition to your audio equipment.
  • USB Powered: With the ability to be powered by USB, this audio speaker sound amplifier board provides convenient and flexible power options, allowing you to use it anywhere with ease.
  • Efficient Performance: Featuring D-class amplifiers, this dual channel power amplifier board delivers efficient performance with less heat generation, ensuring long-term stable operation and energy efficiency.
  • Easy to Install: Measuring just 25x18x2mm, this 2 channel audio amplifier module is easy to install and can be used for DIY projects to enhance your audio experience.


  • Application: Speaker
  • Supply Voltage: DC 2.5-5.5 V
  • Model Number: Digital Amplifier Board
  • Super miniature digital amplifier board 2 * 3W Class D PAM8403 amplifier board 2.5 ~ 5V can be USB power supply

Product parameters:

  • Power supply range: DC2.5-5.5V
  • Output channel: Left and right dual channel 3W*2
  • Audio input: left and right ground (LRG) three-wire input
  • Product Size: 25*18*2mm
  • Application range: LCD TVs, monitors, laptops, portable speakers, portable DD players, game consoles, cell phones, hands-free phones, etc.



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