Wireless standard: 802.11 b / g / n
Frequency range: 2.4GHz~2.5GHz(2400M ~ 2483.5M)
Data interface: UART / HSPI / I2C / I2S / IR Remote Contorl / GPIO / PWM
Operating voltage: 3.0 ~ 3.6v (Suggest 3.3v)
Working current: average 80mA
Operating temperature: – 40 degrees to 125 degrees
Storage temperature: room temperature
Package size: 14.3mm * 24.8mm * 3mm
External interface: N / A
SPI Flash: 1MByte
Wireless network mode: station / softAP / SoftAP + station
Security mechanisms: WPA / WPA2
Encryption type: WEP / TKIP / AES
Upgrade firmware: local serial port burn, cloud upgrade, host download burn
Software development: support customer custom server, provide SDK to customer secondary development
Network protocols: IPV4, TCP / UDP / HTTP / FTP
User Configuration: AT + instruction set, cloud server, Android / IOS APP


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