The MCP23017 is capable of converting 16-bit parallel data to serial data of the I2C interface and converting each other. An internal integrated power-on reset (POR) circuit is reset to the device’s default state. The two opposites become the interrupt source output. The polarity toggle register configures the GPIO input polarity.

Operating temperature range: -40~85 Degree
Working voltage: 1.8~5.5V
I2C communication frequency: up to 1.7MHz
Working current: 1uA

VCC: Power supply pin
INTA: A port interrupt output
INTB: B port terminal output
SCL: I2C clock signal line
SDA: I2C data signal line
RESET: level reset device
A0, A1, A2: I2C device address configuration pins
The default is 0100000x, and the I2C bus can expand 8 identical devices.
GPA0~GPA7: A port 8-bit input and output pin (default input mode)
GPB0~GPB7: B port 8-bit input and output pin (default input mode)


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