Ens160 is a digital multi gas sensor specially designed for indoor air quality monitoring. It can best detect a variety of gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including toluene, hydrogen, ethanol, NO2 and ozone. The air quality sensor is used for home and building automation, consumer goods, electrical appliances and air purification


  • Detection of reducing (VOC) and oxidizing gases (such as NO2)
  • MOX supports up to 4 independent gas sensors
  • Integrated sensor measurement and heater drive control
  • Integrated pre calibrated sensor fusion and automatic baseline correction algorithm
  • Multiple IAQ outputs (TVOC, ec02, AQL)
  • 12C and SPI interface
  • < 1 minute warm-up
  • < 1 hour start
  • High resistance to siloxane and humidity benefit
  • Ideal for fast response systems
  • Safe use of daily necessities
  • Suitable for flexible and robust design


  • Ambient -40 to + 85 ℃ / 5 to 95% RH
  • VDD1. 71 to 1.98V


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