• The RP2040 microcontroller chip is designed by Raspberry Pi
  • It is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor and runs at up to 133MHz flexible clock
  • It comes with 264KB of SRAM and 2MB of on-chip Flash
  • Real stamp hole design, can be directly welded into the self-designed base plate
  • USB1.1 host and device support
  • Supports low power sleep and hibernation modes
  • Can be identified by USB as mass storage for support type download program
  • 29 GPI0 pins of RP2040 (20 can be led by row pins, the rest can only be led by welding)
  • 2 SPIs, 2 12Cs, 2 UART, 4 12-bit ADC, 16 controllable PWM channels
  • Accurate on-chip clock and timer


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