NVME Protocol Support: The USB3.1 M.2 SSD Enclosure Mobile Case supports NVME protocol, which ensures faster data transfer speeds and improved performance.
Type-C Solid Metal Design: The enclosure features a type-C solid metal design that is durable and can withstand wear and tear, making it perfect for on-the-go use.
Aluminum Case Material: The enclosure is made of aluminum, which is lightweight and can dissipate heat effectively, ensuring that your SSD stays cool and functioning properly.
SATA Internal Interface: The enclosure has a SATA internal interface, which is compatible with most laptops and computers, making it easy to use and transfer data.


  • Triple Heat Dissipation, Extend SSD Life – The triple heat dissipation design of the NVME enclosure increases the cooling efficiency by 40%, which protects the M.2 SSD from interrupting transmission or slowing down due to high temperature, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the M.2 SSD.
  • Stable and Sturdy Structure – The internal structure of the external SSD enclosure is compact, and the outer shell is made of thick aluminum alloy, providing a safer environment for your M.2 SSD and data.
  • Light Weight – Ultra slim external hard drive, small enough to carry in a pocket, aluminum alloy shell and matte surface support strong protection
  • Broad Compatibility – External Hard Drive is Suitable for Windows, PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, Chromebook, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and more devices


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