Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read also our Terms of Delivery sekä Privacy Policy

The following terms will be applied to the e-commerce taking place between Syvänen Motorsport and their customers. Syvänen Motorsport sells electronic components to corporate customers and private customers. The company is committed to follow the Finnish laws of e-commerce, mail order and consumer trade. We also follow the principles of good practice.

1. Registration

Registration is not required to place an order to our web shop. Similar type of information is required to process and deliver orders.

During registration the following information is required:

  • corporate customers are required to inform the name of the company, contact person, e-mail, phone number, delivery and billing address and other necessary information
  • private customers are required to inform their name, address, e-mail and phone number
  • customer gives permission to Syvänen Motorsport for saving required customer information to customer register

Customer information Syvänen Motorsport collects are confidential. Syvänen Motorsport commits to the promise of not providing the customer information to third parties.

2. Validity of the order

In e-commerce communication between Syvänen Motorsport happens through either e-mail or telephone. When confirming an order customer is obligated to follow the e-mail they have provided in the purpose of receiving the order acknowledgement.

Customer holds the right to cancel the order or parts of it before it has been dispatched. Cancelling can be done through either e-mail or telephone. Dispatch has taken place when part of the order has been delivered or ready for pick-up.

Customer commits to the conditions of contract and terms of delivery, those effectual during the time of order. The conditions of contract and terms of delivery can be viewed in the part Terms of Delivery.

After customer has completed their order Syvänen Motorsport has no right to change the conditions of contract.

3. Product information

Syvänen Motorsport takes no responsibility for erroneous product data or product pictures.

Syvänen Motorsport takes no responsibility for any damage caused by inappropriate use of products.

4. Pricing

Effectual prices are the prices informed in the web shop in euros. Prices are shown include value added tax (VAT incl.).

Discount codes, coupons and vouchers are usable only in webshop orders. Code usage restrictions are mentioned separately.

For each order the delivery cost is defined by selected delivery method. For pick-up deliveries no additional cost will be charged. Syvänen Motorsport reserves the right to change the delivery costs when handling the order.

5. Delivery

If Syvänen Motorsport has the product in stock the estimated delivery time is one to three (1-3) working days. Some special or new products may have a longer delivery time. We will inform you if delivery time exceeds 5 working days.

If delivery is required within certain time, the date should be given in order comment field.

In the case customer buys products that Syvänen Motorsport has informed to have different delivery times, can the delivery be sent to the customer in several shipments, if this is what the customer desires.

All e-commerce deliveries are shipped using Suomen Posti.

Returning of goods is not permitted without preagreement of Syvänen Motorsport.

Customer has the right to cancel the pick-up order at any time, even when the order has already been handeled. If the customer is not going to pick the order, they are however obligated to inform this to Syvänen Motorsport.

Customer has the right to receive compensation for the products of a prepaid order that are taking unreasonably long to deliver. Syvänen Motorsport reserves the right to complete the order within one month from receiving it. If otherwise not mentioned while placing the order and the delivery takes more than one month, customer has the right to receive a late delivery without additional fees.

6. Payment terms

Payment must be done in one of the following ways:

  • pre-payment using direct bank transfer
  • pre-payment using Paypal
  • payment using Klarna

7. Refund

Customer has the right to return unused products within fourteen (14) days from delivery. For a product to be returned it needs to be in the same condition (and it’s package mainly as well) as it was when the customer received the product.

Customer is required to inform Syvänen Motorsport about the return of products either through email (info@syvanenmotorsport.fi) or phone. This needs to be done before the products are returned. Products being returned need to be sent to the address below:
Syvänen Motorsport
Oravinharjuntie 3 B 8
50170 Mikkeli, Finland.

To return products customer needs to send them using post or by bringing them to the Syvänen Motorsport.

If products are returned without unfounded reason Syvänen Motorsport will charge the expenses from the customer. Locating the faulty product from the returned goods is a separate service with a service fee.

Incompletely returned packages or products sent to the takuuhuoltoon (see instructions above) will be sent back at the expense of the recipient.

The right to return a product is always product related. A possible delay in delivery of another product does not grant the customer the right to return a different product later than stated in the rules of Syvänen Motorsport web shop.

Products that have been used will not be accepted for refund.

8. Deliveries damaged during transportation

Despite the careful packing of the goods occasionally the package or products can get damaged. Therefore, it is important to check the condition of the package and products in the presence of the post office clerk. In the case the package has been damaged in transportation and the products have been damaged too, the customer is obligated to fill a damage report in the post office. After this, customer should urgently contact our customers service.

9. Reclamation

If customer receives a wrong product, product has been damaged or similar issues has occured, customer is required to inform Syvänen Motorsport in a reasonable time by telephone or email (info@syvanenmotorsport.fi). Incorrect delivery can be returned without any cost by following the instructions given in section ‘Refund’. After receiving the returned package customer will receive a refund.

10. Force majeure

Syvänen Motorsport is not responsible if the delivery of an order is hindered, compromised or delayed for a reason that is outside of the company’s possibilies to influence the matter, such as in the case of war, natural phenomenon, decision made by authorities, prohibition of exportation or importation, transportation issues in general level or any other issue similar to these, that could prevent or challenge the operations of Syvänen Motorsport.

11. Dispute resolution

Disagreements and conflicts caused by the e-commerce trading agreement will be solved by the principles of good practice and if necessary, the Finnish law. However, it is in both parties best interest that possible disagreements and conflicts are solved without consumer agency or the district court.

If a conflict considering the trading agreement cannot be solved by the negotiations between the parties, consumer can take the issue to the consumer disputes board (www.kuluttajariita.fi) to be solved. Before taking the issue to the consumer disputes board, the consumer must contact the consumer advice in local register office (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi).