FastECU tuning software for OEM ECUs

Syvänen Motorsport proudly informs that it has started to develop new tuning and flashing software for Subaru OEM ECUs! Tuning software uses FastECU tuning software as a base with added support for manipulating Subaru stock ROMs and read/write support for ECUs. It supports RomRaider definitions and later get ECUFlash definition support added as well.

Also JDM Subaru Forester XT/Cross Sports 32bit DBW ECU has finally unlocked for flashing!

First software release will be out soon! Software will support generic OBD K-Line cables and also OP2.0 cable. It will have versions for Win7 (32/64bit) and newer Windows and also Linux 64bit version, later on Mac version will be released too.

Supported models in initial release start with wrx02/fxt02/sti04 flashmethods and will have more models added on its way. Plan is to add all possible models from -99 JECS/Hitachi onwards.

Other makes, such as Nissans and maybe others are planned to gain support as well.

Software support and releases will found on our support forum.

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