Power measurement and ecu tuning

We provide 2wd and 4wd power measurement and ecu tuning service on our own 4wd dynamometer. Ecu optimizations made in our shop, power measurements are always carried out before and after optimization to prove change in power and torque.

Power measurement certificate to trafi

We also provide power measurement certificate for modification inspection. Below is listed needed information to make acceptable certificate.

  • Car make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Engine maker, model (e.g. 2JZ-GTE) and engine manufacture/serial number
  • Turbo/supercharger make and model (if fitted)
  • Used boost / supercharger pulley ratio (if fitted)
  • Intercooler size (if fitted)
  • Changed components / modifications made

Info for customer

Make sure your car is ready for measurement/tuning. Here’s a few notes to remember:

  • Ignition works, no ignition failures in all usable rpm scale
  • Sensor readings are correct
  • No oil/coolant leaks etc.
  • Boost control is working
  • Fuel pressure control is working
  • There is a wideband AFR meter or something that shows AFR readings reliably
  • Easy to accessible place for possibly needed extra knock sensor with M8 bolt
  • There is enough fuel in tank/canisters
  • Road tyres, no stud/spikes, no slicks! Applies to all tyres because front and back rollers are fixed to spin together.
  • Front and back must have enough places to tie car on the dyno!

Notice! All responsibility of car is at customer!

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