About Us

Who we are and where we are?

MakerShop is webshop by Syvänen Motorsport, specialized for electronic products. Syvänen Motorsport is a ECU tuning shop located in Mikkeli, eastern Finland.

What we do?

We have our own 4WD dynamometer in our shop and we are tuning almost any vehicle with stock tunable ecu and any aftermarket standalone engine management system that found on the market and is still possible to tune.

We have developed our own engine management system, called FastECU, aimed to fit almost any gasoline vehicle that you can think of. And of course, diesel vehicles will be on our to-do list! FastECU is targeted to be plugin engine management system, so no need to do any wirings or sensor change on stock vehicles.

We are also making all kind of projects and programming with different development platforms, so you can have Arduino, Espressif, Raspberry Pi etc. development platforms and electonic products via us always reasonable price. We can also do whole projects (engineering of printed circuit boards and programming) from start to finnish.

So if you need

  • Stock ecu optimization
  • Aftermarket standalone ecu tuning
  • Aftermarket standalone ecu to your vehicle
  • Development boards and accessories
  • Software development
  • Printed Circuit Boards engineering

don’t hesitate to contact us!

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